And so it begins…

Has it been months or even years that I’ve considered blogging? I’m not exactly sure but I feel as if I now have been “pushed” into it. How does one get pushed into blogging? I could spin a yarn and say I was asked by hundreds (would several seem more realistic?) or I could tell a complex narrative about how someone begged me to put my writings online or maybe wax eloquent about how I felt compelled spiritually to spout off.

But alas, it is so much more practical than all of that. The reason I am now starting to blog? I wanted a free book. Yep, it’s that mundane, maybe even as crass as that. I wanted a book and I either paid $14.99 for it or I agreed to review it in my blog. The only problem with the latter strategy was I had no blog with which to place a review. Wait! One can blog for free?  Well, that was one of the easier things in life to rectify and so I am now officially a blogger. We’ll see where this take me.

Oh, what was the book you ask? When Work & Family Collide by Andy Stanley. So, now I’ve not only started blogging but reading the book too.

Stay tuned for my review.


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One Response to And so it begins…

  1. Danny says:

    As I have learned to learn from you, and continue to do so, I welcome your blog. Thanks for the life update concerning Max. I am blessed to have met him. Not so much your brother, Dan. 🙂


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