Book Review: Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

I can honestly say, “I could hardly put this book down.” And it’s a short enough narrative  (Just 100 pages and small pages at that!) that I almost didn’t have to. But really, this is one great book. The author David Gregory, has woven a creative tale with Biblical truth that I think one day will be a classic!

It begins with a mysterious invitation. Nick Cominsky doesn’t need one more thing to do and would have probably thrown the envelope in the trash. But the envelope was classy and there was no return address so it intrigued him. When Nick opens it he finds a simple but equally elegant invitation. It reads: “You are invited to a dinner with Jesus of Nazareth,” at an Italian restaurant no less. Figuring it’s an elaborate scheme by his co-workers he accepts the invitation.

Nick’s dinner with Jesus is our dinner with Jesus. Throughout the meal Jesus encourages Nick’s questions and before the night is over Nick has faced and heard answers to his most pressing inquiries and his most inner needs. The wonderful thing about this book is Nick’s questions are our questions. Each chapter is an apologetic feast.

The Appetizer deals with Jesus being the ONLY way and thus a frank discussion on world religions.
The Salad broaches the subject of how to find God.
The Main Course tackles whether or not one can be “good enough” to get into heaven.
Dessert is all about Jesus and was He God? If He was, what does that mean?
Coffee covers the reliability of the Bible, eternal existence and even God’s purpose of allowing earthly suffering.
By the time the Bill arrives Nick has been changed and so will the reader if he or she is open to the invitation.

If you are a Christian read this book, it’ll give you a fresh, creative look at Jesus.

And if you are not a Christian PLEASE read this book! It just might be the invitation you’ve been waiting for!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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