Being Missional…

The front door of our church in reality is the front door of your home.” When I read that quote this week by David Cauble I was reminded of a hot catch word especially among Pastor’s and church staff. The word: missional.

What does it mean to be missional? It means to be about the mission of Jesus to seek and save the lost. (Luke 19:10) It means that being a follower of Jesus is more about what we DO and how we ACT than what we learn or espouse theologically. Missional means that getting more information – learning detail after detail – is not as important as implementation – doing what Jesus would have us do. Missional is all about obeying the Great CoMISSION.

Two things that impressed me about the church I presently serve, Northridge Christian Church in Milledgeville, GA. In fact these two things are what solidified my decision to come to Northridge.

(1) We believe that following Jesus is so much more than just attending a church gathering once a week. It is about joining God on his mission by being intentional about the relationships that God has given to us at work, in our neighborhoods and recreational areas. We want the people of Northridge to see all those areas as mission fields.
(2) In order for #1 to happen our church is being intentional about NOT filling our calendars with lots and lots of programs. Why? So our people will have the time to be missional. We want our folks to intentionally develop relationships in their environments, which means giving them the time to do so. Sometimes we as leaders shoot the mission of the church in the foot by having so many church activities our believers don’t have time to invest in the people far from God that they meet in their everyday lives. At Northridge we are trying to help our people join God in His Mission. The truth is while people far from God may come to a Sunday or weekend service because that’s the most common place to go WHEN they decide to go to church, the most effective place those who are far from God hear about His love is by connecting in relationships with the people who make up our church.

I can’t help but think that’s part of our church staff’s equipping responsibility. But it’s also a part of our living responsibility. So, it’s time for me to quit blogging and get out and live missionally!


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3 Responses to Being Missional…

  1. Joann C. Smith says:

    Thank you Tim . I am so thankful that you now have a place Like Northridge to searve . May God bless you ,Deborah and the staff as you “Do Missions” We pray for each of you each night. Also I am glad to see that you are back “Blogging”, I enjoy reading your notes !.
    Love and Prayers, Joann.


  2. Cheryl Pearce says:

    Very glad to hear you have found a church home. We will miss you dearly when we return to Florida. We always looked forward to seeing and hearing you on Sunday. We never failed to learn or relearn something. You have a very wonderful gift in your message delivery and now the nice people of Northridge have the privilege of your teachings. Best of all to you and yours.


  3. Deborah Thomas says:

    What if churches designated one Sunday of each month as a missional Sunday. That is, no worship service, but the members would be out in the mission field–visiting jails, helping repair an elderly person’s home, taking food to needy families, etc. What if . . .


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