Working Worship

The following was put together by combining Colossians 3:22-24 and a couple of Puritan Prayers from the book, The Valley of Vision. I used it as a Responsive Reading at a service recently and was asked by several people to share it so I thought I’d also place it here. I changed some of the Puritan words since we no longer speak with 1600 verbiage, but I hope it helps view our jobs from His perspective. I for one will refer to it often as my vocational prayer. Use it as you see fit.

A Worker’s Worship

LEADER: O My Lord, let not my vocation be approved only by men…
ALL: nor merely to win the esteem and affections of people.

LEADER: But may my vocation be worthy of your approval…
ALL: as I work not only for wage or human recognition but to bring You glory.

LEADER: Grant me the wisdom to obey my employer…
ALL: while I work with all my heart to honor You.

LEADER: Place people in my path…
ALL: and grant me the privilege to use my vocation to share Your Name.

LEADER: May I live high above a love of things temporary…
ALL: while being seen as true, faithful, loving, pure, and devoted to You.

LEADER: Look upon me as Your worker…
ALL: and keep me from self-importance.

LEADER: Let me walk and work…
ALL: humbly in dependence upon You,
in Jesus Name. Amen


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