The Real Problem – the “S” word

We_Have_Met_The_EnemyHow many times have you heard a statement like this recently? “Our culture’s values are on a downward slide like never before.” “Our country has lost all it’s moral bearings.” “Political correctness has replaced right and wrong.” I’ve heard those and more especially in light of the ramifications of Roe v Wade (abortion rights) and now Obergefell v. Hodges (same sex marriage). I’ve heard people rant and rave against the supreme court judges, politicians, liberals and the LGBT. Because I am a Pastor most of the complaints I hear are coming from fellow believers. But do we really believe that our current culture’s issues are anything new? In fact, I would dare to say that abortion, same sex marriage, liberal agendas, gun control, racism, or any other cultural malady is not the problem. What is?

An “S” word. It’s small but from one bad seed and subsequent plantings this word is responsible for the downward spiral from all that is perfect. It’s spelled: S-I-N and it has serious ramifications. Our adamant rebellion against God and His ways has tormented us since the beginning of time. I believe that Satan is the Enemy, but his tool that has us hook, line and sinker is sin. We like to cast blame on social ills, and believe me I too shake my head in disbelief at where we’ve come to in this present day. But, but let’s not kid ourselves. There is a root problem to all these things: sin. And, (this is hard to write or maybe read) because we are sinners, we are a huge part of the problem! You see sin is not one act, one court decision or one cultural ill. It’s an insidious, malevolent, sinister virus that we have taken in and allowed to run rampant. It is incurable by any human means or medicine. Sin has had it’s way with us and the consequences are unbelievably harsh. Think what sin does to us.

Sin BLINDS. We think we have control over it. How we have been tricked into seeing sin in the short term without perceiving it’s damage in the long run. That’s why Hebrews tells us that “there is pleasure in sin… but it is fleeting” (Heb. 11:25). We tend to ignore the “fleeting” part. It’s why we are told in Galatians 6:1 to “restore” or “warn” someone “caught in sin,” albeit gently, because if we don’t they will find the “pleasure” has turned into sorrow. Our sin, much like any addiction, take control much faster than we think. Kind of like the 9 year old boy taking his 200 pound St. Bernard for a walk. The dog was pulling him where he didn’t want to go and so he yelled, “Hey, stop! You’re my dog, I’m not your boy!” Yet, when it comes to sin we often blinded by the fact that we only think we have control when the truth is we are its “boy.” Sin blinds and…

Sin BINDS. Because we are blinded we can become dominated by sin. Scripture refers to being “a slave to sin.” From Genesis 3 onward we have been contaminated by sin. Have you ever thought of this? think of the how our world was corrupted when Adam and Eve committed their first sin. From child bearing, to work, to even the ground, all was cursed due to this one sin. Before sin there were no arguments, no abuse, no hurricanes, no sickness… but after, all that began. If they suffered that much due to one sin how corrupt and contaminated is our world after thousands upon thousands of years of sin? When someone asks, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” the answer is S-I-N. When someone asks, “Why Me?” in regards to storms, mistreatment or immoral decisions the answer is S-I-N. We have stained the perfect and as long as we are in this sinful world we will be bound by sins consequences. No wonder, in Romans 8, even Creation is described as in “the bondage of decay” and groans for redemption. (Romans 8:21-23) Sin binds us but most horribly…

Sin bankrupts us. Sin is what separates us from God. God didn’t do this to us, we did. God didn’t want this for us, we did. Our sinful desires war against our souls. We were not made to be separated from God but we chose to be. Sin is that which God cannot stand. Sin is that which God’s pure eyes cannot look upon. (Habakkuk 1:13) And it doesn’t take a genius to come to the frightening conclusion that since God can’t look upon or stand sin and since we are sinners… that’s right, God can’t stand us! Not when we are contaminated by sin.

Which is exactly why God sent JESUS. He is our only cure, the only way to eradicate this disease. As one who described himself as the chief of sinners once wrote: “God made Him (Jesus) who had no sin to become sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness (reconciled) of God.” (2 Cor. 5:21) Don’t misunderstand. Jesus, while on the cross, did not become a sinner, but rather He willingly became culpable for our sin. If there had been any other way to rid us of this poison God wouldn’t have had to send His Son. As Billy Graham once said, “The very fact that God sent his one and only Son to the cross to pay for our sins shows how dark and black sin is in the sight of God.” I will forever be grateful but always in awe of the fact that sin, instead of cancelling God’s love for us, motivated him to take extraordinary measures to reconcile us back to what he wanted from the beginning – a perfect relationship. And that perfect relationship can only come through Jesus.

This is why we warn against bad choices, sad decisions and poor rulings. This is why we MUST SHARE JESUS! I don’t believe He’s wagging his finger at the Supreme Court Justices or shaking his head at the LGBT or even shedding tears over aborted babies (after all the babies are with Him). But I think He may be saying to us as believers, maybe even shouting to us: “Beloved, railing against the evil in the world is not what I meant when I gave you my final commission. You talk sports but don’t tell anyone I am the cure for what ails them, even though some don’t even know they are ailing. You share so much on Facebook but don’t share to your sin duped friends that I am the solution to THE Problem. You Tweet 140 characters but don’t spend that many seconds praying for those who are blinded, bound and bankrupt by sin. Please, make a priority of sharing that I am The Way, The Truth, The Life.”

After all, maybe the real problem is our failure to live out the “S” word… SHARE Jesus.



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2 Responses to The Real Problem – the “S” word

  1. Linda Kennedy says:

    Great article, Tim. I especially liked your last paragraph. I just tried to explain this very idea to an employee this week, but couldn’t get my thoughts to come out as perfect as your last paragraph!! I will be sharing this with her and others. Thanks for your “lesson”….I needed this!!!


  2. Max E Smith says:

    Excellent Tim…You are able to articulate so well in sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus.
    Keep up the good work. Love, Dad


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