Down in Africa

Back in 1982 a group called Toto released the song “Africa.” I was not alone in liking that tune as it rose to #1 on the Billboard top hits early in 1983. I remember one line from that song that has now come full circle in my life. The line was: “I know that I must do what’s right. As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.” While the singer was referring to a personal relationship, for me it refers to the fact that I am actually going to Africa for a much greater purpose. I’m going because I have the privilege of evaluating a mission for our church’s possible support. So, I know I must do what’s right: to see the mission with Jesus’ heart and also with the eyes of a good steward representing many believers here at home.  That can be a tough task, especially in 3rd world countries where there is so much need.

So, I would like to ask you for your help. Before I do let me tell you a little more about my trip.

As I go to represent Northridge Christian here in Milledgeville, several other churches around the country are sending representatives for the same purpose. We are calling it a Vision Trip  to visit the Africa Hope Kenya mission. The mission is led by Tim Mantai, a devoted follower of Jesus and one who loves the Massai people. Tim has served Christ in Narok, Kenya for decades, planting churches, distributing relief and now directs Africa Hope Kenya. If you would like to learn more about Tim and his family you can click HERE. If you would like to learn more about Africa Hope Kenya click HERE.

The Team leaves Friday, July 14, and returns Sunday, July 23rd. We will be visiting the mission that is headquartered in Narok, Kenya but also going out into the bush. If you are interested in the entire itinerary you can click on 2017 AfricaHope Vision trip schedule.

But as I wrote earlier, this is not just about giving you information, but asking for your help. How can you do that?  PRAY. Here’s what I’m asking from those who read this:

  1. Pray for wisdom for the representatives that visit the Africa Hope Kenya mission. You don’t go on a mission trip like this without wanting to support it, but is that the right thing for the church at this time? It can be a hard pull because I’m sure the need is great. As I mentioned earlier, I want to do what is right so I need God’s wisdom to see this endeavor how He sees it.
  2. Pray for Tim and Lorna Manai and their 5 girls. They are the “boots on the ground” in a place that desperately needs the message of Jesus. In fact, more than money or resources (although they need that too), they need God’s strength, courage, and wisdom.
  3. Pray for a safe trip for all concerned.
  4. Pray for loved ones at home. We will be out of touch for some if not much of this trip and our loved ones will be at home constantly wondering about our safety.
  5. Pray that our churches will be open to our reports and if support is what the representatives deem necessary, that they will not hesitate to give generously.

Well, that’s it. The song over and over again said, “Bless the rains down in Africa” I’d like to say and pray, “Bless the trip and Mantai’s down in Africa.”



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One Response to Down in Africa

  1. Trey Austin says:

    Hey Tim, I hope and Pray the trip goes well for all involved, you will be lifted in prayer as you go on this adventure God has blessed you with. Also let Deb know we are here if she needs anything. Trey


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